"SOLD"Vintage Replica Of Gerrit Rietveld Red And Blue Chair

Vintage Replica Of Gerrit Rietveld Red And Blue Chair. Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964), a Dutch furniture designer and architect, created his Red-Blue Chair in 1917, but the bright colours and, indeed the name by which it became known, were not adopted until several years later.   Originally made in plain beech wood, the design was deliberately kept as simple as possible because Rietveld wanted it to be mass-produced rather than crafted by hand. The pieces of wood that are used are all in the standard measurements of lumber that was available at the time.   Two years after making the chair, Rietveld joined the De Stijl movement and it was under the auspices of its most famous member, Piet Mondrian, that, in 1923, the chair was painted in the distinctive colours of red, yellow, blue and black.