Original,Oil On Board Gino Paolo Gori "Donkey Circa 1980" "SOLD"

Original Oil On Board Gino Paolo Gori "Donkey Circa 1980" with Certificate of Authenticity From Belle Arte Milan. He began to paint very early, and soon his work was noticed by Beppe Ciardi, who wanted to know the young painter and urged him to continue on that path by perceiving his great potential. His first personal exhibition dates back to 1932 at the Fine Arts Society in Florence, and received the public recognition of the painters Plinio Nomellini and Luigi Michelacci. Gori was not content with that first success and continued studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence under the guidance of Felice Carena. In 1935, with his second solo exhibition at the Galleria Firenze, he was consecrated painter, as well as by the public, even by critics, who began to follow his business closely. Since the post-war period, his rise has been constant, so that became a "fashionable" painter. His paintings can fit into the Neo-Impressionist, and there are those who compared it to an Italian Renoir. In the 1950s, many of his stays were in Paris but his work as an artist often brought him to Spain, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Russia. His most famous subjects are the horses, the Florentine Cart’s and the donkeys (the famous "ciuchini"). It would, however, be ridiculous to want to define him as just an animalist painter. In fact, he was also an excellent painter of naked portraits and landscapes, his exhibits were extensive in Italy. His Bibliography was vast. Academician of the Golden Legion and the Tiberina Academy.